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Crystals should be used as an aid in healing and not a replacement for competent medical advice. Using crystals for healing  is not intended nor should not replace the advice of a professionally qualified medical expert.

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Angels are interwoven within the culture of humanity. Regardless of religion or belief system, stories of angels are a part of our belief that there is something bigger than us.  That the universe is guiding us and the angels are serving us in love.

When going through situations it is helpful to call on a particular Archangel to help guide us through challenging waters.  They are there for us and I wanted to honor them in a special way.

Archangel Michael- Angel of Protection.  Release negativity, doubt or fear.
Archangel Raphael- Angel of Healing.  Healing the mind, body and spirit
Archangel Uriel- Angel of Wisdom. Angel for Inner Power. Discover your own true blessings. 
Archangel Gabriel- Angel of emotional support. Also the angel for all issues regarding children. Great for inner child healing. 

Archangels bracelets are all created with Angel Aura quartz and other selected crystals to enhance the angels guidance. 

Each bracelet comes  with angel guidance, stone descriptions and a prayer that you can use for each angel