Our Story

As we journey through life we have our ups and our downs.  We have wonderful moments of gratitude and lessons that crumble us to our knees.  Through my journey I came to depend on my love of crystals to help me heal. I started to share this passion with friends and began by creating bracelets that would help them heal in whatever they were working on.  It was important to me that the bracelets had a focused intention and not be based on what it looked like.  I wanted the energies of the stones working togehter to help heal.  What started out as something I shared with friends has now become a passion that I am excited and blessed to be able to share with others.  Crystals are remarkable and hold incredible power.  Use your stones as a gentle reminder that there is something bigger than you in this world and let that be your guidance.  When things get tough and our light dims just a bit connect with your stones, close your eyes and believe in the universe. 
It's got ya!!      xo Robyn



Meet my grandmother, Bea. She always made me laugh and had a zest for life that now lives in my soul.  When people dear to us pass on we are often told that they are still with us.  I know this to be true. My grandmothers name was Beatrice. Bea for short. 
Since that day whenever I have had crossroads in life or a challenge a bee crosses my path.  Sometimes it is a real bee, sometimes it is a dish in a store with a bee design...but somehow and in someway a bee shows up. I know this is her giving me her HUGE warm invisible hug and her strong guidance.  So as healing as she is to me it is only fitting that I dedicate my passion of healing to Beatrice Block. 
forever in my heart xo 


Intention is the name of the game

Each crystal holds many meanings.  Their energy carries beneficial properties.  Some crystals work really well with other crystals.  Stones that work well together are compatible by color, characteristics, and earth elements, to name a few.  When I create a bracelet my first priority is not based on what the bracelet looks like.  Yes, I am thrilled that they are beautiful but I am concentrating on how the bracelet will make you feel. That it will provide the correct energy for you.  That it will help heal or manifest what you are working towards

 ​Next I go to "my spot" to meditate and create your intention bracelet.  Before creating your bracelet all the stones are cleared of energy (I use sage).  They are then charged by the moonlight and ready for me to set the intentions for your highest good.

The whole time I am creating your bracelet I am thinking and envisioning the intention.  This is so important because INTENTION  is the catalyst.  Having the right energy go into the bracelet has an effect on the bracelets overall energy.   I want your bracelets to be everything you want it to be.  Beautiful and beneficial. xo 


We go live every Tuesday. 


Jewelry starts 7:30 PM est
Stones start 8 PM est



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Service as It Should Be

  • All bracelets are custom made and will have a similar appearance to the photo, however since I do use natural stones the color may slightly vary. 

  • Do bracelets break?  Yes they do.  Please note that I do not use "craft" elastic. I use a high jewelers grade which is much stronger. A bracelet may break for many reasons.  It may break based on how someone wears it. Some tips to help you take care of your bracelet...When you take your bracelet off please roll them off vs pulling them off. Pulling weakens the elastic and can cause it to snap.  Do not shower with your bracelet or wear them in the pool/beach.  Water will weaken the elastic.

Bracelets may also break if you are not clearing them of energy.  Crystals protect us by absorbing negative energy. If they are not cleared it can become too much and they can burst.​

  • Bracelets are not guaranteed for life however I do offer a restring policy. You will need to send all the stones back to me.  There is a $6 restringing fee + shipping.  ( I do clear the energy and reset the intentions). There will be an additional fee if you need additional replacement beads.​

  • Turnaround Time - Once you have paid for your bracelets I work to turn them around as quickly as possible. While I usually turn them around in a few days that is not always the case. When I hit a busy patch please know it can take up to a week to complete.​

  • Crystals should be used as an aid in healing and not a replacement for competent medical advice. Using crystals for healing  is not intended nor should not replace the advice of a professionally qualified medical expert.

  • If shipping outside of the USA:  Customs and import taxes 
    Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. Sellers aren't responsible for delays due to customs.

  • All Sales are Final.



We go live every Tuesday. We are always getting new items in and have so much fun! 


Jewelry starts 7 PM est
Stones start 8 PM est

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Not on facebook?  Message me and I can video what we have in.