Cracking the Crystal Code

Cracking the Crystal Code

This course is for you if:

🔥 You love crystals and want to learn more but don't know where to start 

🔥 You want to learn how to understand crystal but it is just so overwhelming 

🔥 You have crystals but don't know how to use them  


This course will provide tips on how to learn and understand crystals WITHOUT memorizing the properties.  I want you to be able to pick up any stone and understand how it speaks to you.


this is for you if 

🔥 you want to understand how to embrace the crystals you need and learn how they benefit you

🔥 It's for you if you are on a healing journey and want to understand how you can work with this magickal energy 

🔥 It's for you if you want to understand how to manifest with  crystals, heal with crystals or just understand crystals.


👉I will go over many different types of crystals and why and how each type can benefit you.  After this course you will understand why you may want to grab that Amethyst tower or why you may just need to carry the tumbled rose quartz.  The more you understand the different ways crystals can work with you the more options you will have for embracing these beauties.


Because it is so important to me that you really understand crystals in a way that will help heal whatever you are working on I am offering this at only $29 -- 

JANUARY  17...  1PM EST.   Please include your email as we will send a link for the class.

  • Disclaimer

    Crystals are used in the aid of healing.  We make no claims that they are a cure for any symptom nor a substite for professional medical guidance.