Letting go of the Past/ Breaking Free

Letting go of the Past/ Breaking Free

f you are feeling stuck and having trouble moving on from a situation this bracelet can benefit you. The soothing crystals in this bracelet help you to let go and move past anger, fear, old wounds and emotional patterns. It helps you declutter your mind so you can  gain much needed clarity. 


Smoky Quartz


Add $3 for 7.5" size 

Add $6 for 8" size 

All bracelets will come with a detailed card describing the stones intentions.


    Please see the policy section on the home page.


    All bracelets are custom made for you, charged  and set with intentions.  All Sales are final. 


    Crystals should be used as an aid in healing and not a replacement for competent medical advice. Using crystals for healing  is not intended nor should not replace the advice of a professionally qualified medical expert.

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