Sodalite Generator

Sodalite Generator

Sodalite  aids in being able to communicate effectively. It helps you express all of the things that you want to say in the best way possible.  Replaces emotion with logic to calm panic & stress.  Emotional balance and inner peace will follow.  

This stone is also benefical if you need assistance with quieting your mind. It helps focus and bring clarity. It will help free you from old patterns that no longer serve you.


Generators are amazing energy!!  Due to the tapered point the energy is focused.  Great for manifesting and for grid work.


Please send an email to : to have us send photos of what is available.  Generators range in sizes and price is determined by weight. If this item is added to your order you will be charged  for this item in a seperate invoice once we converse through email.


Pieces are placed next to a penny to help with scale.   Specific pieces photographed may no longer be available.


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