The ulitmate kit for clearing energy

Selenite:  An incredible stone to clear energy and to ensure your aura is in balance.  

Sage: Use sage to clear negative energy from your  home

Palo Santo:  A 'holy wood'.  Used to clear energy and to BLESS the area.

Sage Spray:  Your on the go spray to clear negative energy. Great for travel or to be used when you can not sage.

Sage Spray 

Grab Sage Spray to have on hand when you are not able to sage.  It is great to keep in your bag for when you need to clear energy on the go.  Fantastic to use in your workplace.  A quick spritz and your office will smell like a spa while clearing the negative energy.  

Perfect for when you travel.  Want to clear out the energy of your hotel room... Grab the Sage Spray.  

Feeling stressed?  Grab the Sage Spray

Made with infused gem water that has been blessed, Sage, Quartz crystals and therapeutic essential oils (Lavender, Lemon & peppermint).  

You will fall in love. 

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Crystals should be used as an aid in healing and not a replacement for competent medical advice. Using crystals for healing  is not intended nor should not replace the advice of a professionally qualified medical expert.

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